Tips and Tools for Strategic Planning
Find out more about successful strategic planning in this video blog produced by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. 

Are You Ready for Adaptive Planning?This article gives an overview the factors that influence planning styles and provides links to some other adaptive planning resources.

Reaching article about how you can use consensus to strengthen your group’s decision-making, instead of getting off track.

Does Structure Inspire Creativity? An article about how to organize your planning for maximum creative impact.

Exercise: Finding Your Competitive Advantage…a practical exercise that board and staff members can do to determine a nonprofit’s unique value to the community.

Where Does an 800lb. Gorilla Walk? Anywhere It Wants To. A link to the now-famous “Invisible Gorilla” video that we discuss during my strategic planning workshops. Fun to use with your board and staff!

How to Make the Most of Your Planning doing some research and strategic thinking in advance. 

Tips for Implementing Your Strategic Plan…following the advice of well-known planning guru Mary Poppins.

Boards and Fundraising
He’s Just Not That Into Youan article about how to prepare your board members to work well with donors.

Programming Your Nonprofit Fundraising GPS, a practical exercise to get your board members ready to fundraise. 

Bite-Sized Fundraisingthree quick tips for organizing your board for fundraising success. 

Being an Ambassador in Our Brave New Worldthoughts about how social media is changing the way board members promote nonprofits. 

Is Your Board Giving Policy Helping Your Diversity Initiative…Or Holding It Back?…a look at how setting board giving dollar amounts can undermine your desire for a diverse board.

Talkin’ Bout My Generation...a quick overview of how the five living adult generations approach their giving. 

Contingency Planning

In April of 2020, we produced a “quick and dirty” video on making contingency plans. While it focuses on early-stage pandemic conditions, the process is relevant to any moment where your organization is facing uncertainty. Jump over to Contingency Planning for more.

Strategic Alliances
Our recent study about the best structures for strategic alliances was featured in Chorus America’s magazine The Voice

Volunteer Development
See our article Meeting Madness and Missed Opportunities in the free e-book Turn Your Organization Into a Volunteer Magnet.